Driving Distances & Times to Select Locations

City, StateDistance (Miles)*Drive Time*
Atlanta, GA552 miles9 hrs, 14 mins.
Birmingham, AL567 miles9 hrs, 16 mins.
Charleston, SC705 miles12 hrs, 11 mins
Charleston, WV256 miles4 hrs, 45 mins.
Chicago, IL256 miles4 hrs, 25 mins.
Cincinnati, OH93 miles2 hrs
Cleveland, OH269 miles4 hrs, 34 mins.
Columbus, OH128 miles2 hrs, 14 mins.
Dayton, OH69 miles1 hr, 19 mins.
Des Moines, IA545 miles8 hrs, 54 mins.
Detroit, MI222 miles4 hrs.
Fort Wayne, IN84 miles1 hr, 43 mins.
Indianapolis, IN87 miles1 hr, 34 mins.
Jackson, MS764 miles12 hrs, 22 mins.
Kansas City, MO571 miles9 hrs, 11 mins.
Lansing, MI205 miles3 hrs, 33 mins.
Little Rock, AR676 miles11 hrs, 6 mins.
Louisville, KY183 miles3 hrs, 27 mins.
Memphis, TN554 miles8 hrs, 47 mins.
Milwaukee, WI338 miles6 hrs, 10 mins.
Minneapolis, MN662 miles11 hrs, 36 mins.
Muncie, IN23 miles36 mins.
New Orleans, LA900 miles14 hrs
New York City, NY662 miles11 hrs, 23 mins.
Pittsburgh, PA298 miles5 hrs, 32 mins.
Raleigh, NC579 miles10 hrs, 11 mins.
Richmond, VA572 miles10 hrs, 111
St. Louis, MO331 miles5 hrs, 28 mins.
Toledo, OH163 miles3 hrs
Toronto, ON Canada463 miles8 hrs, 15 mins.
Washington, DC539 miles9hrs, 35 mins.
Source: MapQuest
             *From Winchester, Indiana


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