High Rankings

Indiana sends a powerful message to businesses considering locating in our state.  Our AAA credit rating, financial stability, and low cost of doing business are achievements worth noting.  Numerous third party groups across the nation agree and have touted Indiana’s friendly business climate.  Here are a few examples.



  • Ranks BEST IN THE MIDWEST and 6th nationally for doing business

              Source: Chief Executive, May 2011 (survey of more than 550 chief executives)
  • Ranks FIRST in manufacturing productivity among major industrial states

Source: Indiana Economic Development Corp.
  • Has the LOWEST business costs in the Midwest and is one of the top 10 lowest cost locations in the U.S.

              Source: Forbes (Oct. 2010)
  • Ranks BEST IN THE MIDWEST and 10th nationally for low taxes

              Source: Tax Foundation, 2010
  • Is home to the SECOND-LARGEST FedEx hub in the world (Indianapolis)
Source: Indiana Economic Development Corp.
  • Is ONE OF ONLY 13 States with AAA Credit Rating
Source: Standard & Poor’s

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