Randolph County surpasses 75% goal for Work Ready Community

In six months, Randolph County has achieved more than 75 percent of its goals on becoming a certified Work Ready Community through ACT. Entrance into this program is by selection only and empowers states, regions and counties 
with data, process and tools that drive economic growth. Participants are leveraging the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRCTM) through WorkKeys assessment testing to measure and close the skills gap—and build common frameworks that link, align and match their workforce development efforts. To date, 388 Randolph County residents have attained a NCRC. Area leadership is encouraged about this accomplishment.
“This is a positive step in the right direction as we move ahead with workforce development and qualifies to our employers that we do have a good workforce. It also speaks volumes to our partnership with WorkOne and existing industry to have them embrace WorkKeys testing for consideration in their hiring process,” said Steve Croyle, Mayor of Winchester.
Bruce Hosier, Executive Director of Randolph County Economic Development, agrees and expands on this. "We have made solid progress with the ACT/Work Ready Communities Initiative, however, we must continue to stay focused to identify, prioritize and implement solutions together with our network of partnerships to help ensure success in meeting our workforce development challenges going forward."
ACT launched its national Certified Work Ready Communities (CWRC) initiative in 2011. For the first two years, only statewide leadership teams were eligible to participate--and those statewide CWRC efforts, in turn, allowed counties in each 
participating state to engage with the ACT CWRC effort. In June 2013, ACT began accepting applications directly from counties interested in participating, where there was not a statewide ACT CWRC program in place.
Mellisa Leaming, Chief Operating Officer for Alliance for Strategic Growth, states “Eastern Indiana is a leader in workforce development and understands the importance of involving the entire community in raising the skill levels of all citizens. 
Becoming a certified ACT Work Ready Community is a great honor and Randolph County is on the path to be the first certified community in Indiana.”
Eastern Indiana is the only area of the state that has counties involved in this initiative. Active and live counties include Delaware, Randolph, Rush, and Wayne Counties. Fayette and Henry Counties have also recently been accepted into the program and are in the training process. Currently, there are more than 60 Eastern Indiana employers supporting this initiative. For more information about ACT Certified Work Ready Communities and Randolph County status, please visit http://workreadycommunities.org/IN/135.
ABOUT: Alliance for Strategic Growth, Inc. (ASG), recognized for its leadership and expertise, exists to support sustainable economic prosperity in Eastern Indiana through the development and implementation of collaborative initiatives that 
empower the regional workforce to meet the demands of the global economy. The corporation is a not-profit, public/private partnership that serves as the Workforce Investment Board for 8 WorkOne offices in Eastern Indiana, including Blackford, Delaware, Fayette, Henry, Jay, Randolph, Rush, Wayne and Union counties. Eastern Indiana WorkOne offices (www.work-one.org) assist thousands of job seekers and employers every year through a variety of employment and job readiness 
services. For more information on ASG, visit www.asgcorp.org.
This content is from a WorkOne Press Release dated 10/17/2014

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